There are countless websites on the internet that supposedly offer “top jailbreak software ” but most are either non-functional or overpriced. We offer the best iPod jailbreak software on the market for all versions as well as jailbreak firmware for the iPod,  iPod Touch and Classic for FREE. This how to jailbreak iPhone tutorial is very easy to use and follow to fully unlock and jailbreak any version of your iPod regardless of firmware, country and network. This iPod jailbreak software download is available for immediate use and takes less than 5 minutes to jailbreak your iPod.


1) Download JailbreakMe from here or at the end of this post.
2) Connect iPod to computer
3) Run JailbreakMe, click detect device
4) Click jailbreak
5) Allow a few minutes for execution
6) Your device is jailbreaked and unlocked!




So Tell Me, What Is Jailbreaking Actually?

If this is your question, then let me explain it to you in simple terms. Think of your iPod Touch as a device that is capable of many things. However, Apple, being the creator of this device, has limited the capabilities of the iPod Touch and forced it to only run Apple-approved apps (your iPod is in a “jail”). When you jailbreak your iPod Touch, it can now escape and do everything that it is capable of. So that’s what jailbreaking is. It’s the process of unlocking the device’s capabilities to run apps and software that are not Apple-approved, yet maintaining all original functions.

Why Should I Jailbreak My iPod Touch?

Why? The easier question to answer will probably be why not! Jailbreaking the iPod Touch makes it much more useful than Apple allows it to be, and the person that gains is you. Among the things you can do once you jailbreak your iPod is:

  • Change themes, settings and customize pretty much anything on your iPod. That means no more staring at the boring standard wallpaper and being tied down to the standard way of customizing your iPod.
  • Play games from 3rd party developers, and most of these are free.
  • Download and save anything from the web using Safari Download Manager
  • Download YouTube videos and save it directly on your device.

These are just some of the perks of jailbreaking your iPod Touch. It pretty much lets your iPod Touch do anything that you could want it to!